Tuesday, October 19, 2010

China OLPC alliance brewing threat of Wintel alliance formed

Intel rival mobile Internet field - British Tan, president of ARM China, the military, these two days very happy. Because, long ago, he gave the Massachusetts Institute of 灏艰憶椴佸簽钂?wrote an e-mail, which gave him back.

灏艰憶椴佸簽钂?is the theory of global Internet during the agents of change, is the world's "one computer per child" (that is, OLPC, one laptop per child) Alliance founder.

His goal is the world that every child should have a their own laptops, especially those in developing countries.

"He was very pleased, but not immediately come to China. However, he let OLPC Union Leader over the Pacific." Tan Army to the CBN reporter glanced 灏艰憶椴佸簽钂?mail.

Union brewing landing in China

But what really pleased Tan army is not 灏艰憶椴佸簽钂?the reply itself, but OLPC has decided that the next generation of notebooks, it will first consider the ARM processor, not AMD, Intel.

Tan Jun said that the Union has been assessing the OLPC "China", that is combined with the actual needs of the Chinese market, redefine the alliance's plan of industrialization.

What a coincidence. The day before yesterday, the reporter major reference in the information provider's "money in China: 3G, Internet this, household appliances to the countryside Forum" on the OLPC Union Pacific president met Mr Wong. He stressed on the CBN, Union Pacific has set up office in November last year, and began formal operation.

Mr Wong said the alliance had been chosen to AMD, Intel as a partner, but the next generation, will first consider the ARM processor program. "Of course, we also consider the VIA." He said.

Li Yi is the Chinese version of the driver of the OLPC alliance. He said several notebook enterprises and software companies, has been invited as the first Union troops Tan presidency.

But, Tan Jun said, because OLPC is a non-profit organizations, alliances, but they must be involved in business to make money, so landing in China, also facing some problems to be solved. Perfect example of the industrial chain, how to maintain product quality in the case, will the program cost control to the best.

Mr Wong said the alliance partners to maximize the open, but compared to other regions, will give full consideration to supporting the Chinese market and demand advantage, landing in the making.

wintel Union threatened

OLPC alliance move, such as the industrialization of its own prior to reverse the layout.

Before, the Union has been working with Intel, AMD close cooperation. However, Intel also developed their own "student PC" program. The plan also belong to low-cost notebook strategy, Intel intends to each sell for 230 to 300 U.S. dollars. Although the OLPC alliance orientation than 100 dollar price much higher, but there is competition, so Intel has continued to engage in coalition against the project, which led the latter to opt out early last year.

Previously, Intel has been mocking Union. It believed that behind AMD in the meddling. Initially launched as one of the parties, AMD really want to be the exclusive processor supplier alliance. However, AMD acquisition of ATI, the debt-ridden, so no choice to sell its manufacturing sector, and adjust the direction of the notebook business, not low prices, but focus on ultra-thin market, which is in effect abandoned the coalition leadership.

This is an opportunity to the ARM. The company is working with manufacturers to lower processor program, Linux operating system together, trying to seize the Chinese market. This will give Intel an impact on Microsoft's wintel Union.

However, the OLPC ARM trip probably will not be easy. Because of its lack of Intel's strong financial resources. Moreover, OLPC concept of global shipments also rare.

Mr Wong said, as of now, the Union ship only 80 units, and mainly concentrated in the Latin American market. "Also recently started shipping," he said, next month, will donate 1,000 to Sichuan disaster area.

But obviously not in comparison with Intel's shipments. But, Tan Jun said, OLPC is the global education market positioning, landing in China is very promising. The current access this market, Intel is no technical advantage, since power can not solve the problem, the OLPC is more difficult to advance the field.

He said some provocative, ARM will fully enter the mobile Internet market, the future will be Intel's "share 90% of the share", while the other 10% from VIA, AMD and other companies to carve up.


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